Cuyahoga River Restoration

(formerly Cuyahoga River Community Planning)

Restoring, revitalizing and protecting the Cuyahoga River watershed and nearshore Lake Erie

Please Join us and/or Donate to the cause!

Many ways to give !

We'll thank you profusely, and use your donation to continue restoration and education efforts.

Then, every time you hear how well the river is recovering, you'll be able to say "I did that!"

Membership levels are:
$30 Student/Senior

$50 Individual

$100 Big Fish

Or...go bigger, and you can build a fish habitat, plant tons of trees, or help us do even more!

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Donations are tax-deductible. (We're a 501c3 nonprofit.)

If you prefer, you could send a check to:

Cuyahoga River Restoration

1299 Superior Ave E

Cleveland, OH 44114


Either way, we really appreciate it.


You're a big fish in our book.


Shop 'til you drop

Hook a hoodie, trap a tote, bag a mug or choose from
a variety of goodies and a bunch of different designs at

Let your shopping show your support for a cleaner, healthier Cuyahoga River. You'll be making a donation to support our work and contributing to the restoration of the river and her watersheds. We, and the fish and birds and bugs, will be ever so appreciative.



Cuyahoga River Restoration

c/o Cuyahoga River Community Planning
1299 Superior Ave. E • Cleveland, OH 44114
216-241-2414 •

Click the button to be a member or make a tax-deductible donation to help us restore the Cuyahoga, her watersheds and Lake Erie.



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