Cuyahoga River Restoration

(Cuyahoga River Community Planning)

Restoring, revitalizing and protecting the Cuyahoga River watershed
Cuyahoga River Tributaries / Subwatersheds

The Cuyahoga River Watershed, its Tributaries, and the Remedial Action Plan Area of Concern

The Cuyahoga River begins its life in Geauga County, Ohio, (at the upper right corner of the map) where a number of small streams converge. Although its headwaters are a mere 30 miles from its mouth, the river meanders 100 miles
from beginning to end. It flows south/southwesterly through Portage County,
then in Summit County, just north of Akron, it turns north and continues up
through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and into Cuyahoga County until it
flows through Cleveland and empties into Lake Erie.

The Cuyahoga River Watershed drains 809 square miles, and includes 26 subwatersheds whose creeks and streams feed the river's flow. All or part of several dozen municipalities in 6 counties share the Cuyahoga River Watershed.

The federally-recognized Area of Concern, for Great Lakes restoration, also includes nearby Lake Erie tributaries from approximately Edgewater Park to
Euclid Creek.

This map shows

• all the watersheds that comprise the Cuyahoga River Watershed (blue, green, yellow and brown)

• the tributaries to the Cuyahoga that are in the Area of Concern (blue, green)

• the Lake Erie tributaries (pink, purple and orange) that are included in the Cuyahoga River Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Area of Concern.


Cuyahoga River Subwatersheds:

1   - Cuyahoga River Ship Channel

2   - Lower Cuyahoga

3   - Big Creek

4   - West Creek

5   - Mill Creek

6   - Cuyahoga Valley National Park

7   - Tinker's Creek

8   - Sagamore Creek

9   - Chippewa Creek

10 - Brandywine Creek

11 - Furnace Run

12 - Yellow Creek

13 - Middle Cuyahoga (in AOC)

14 - Sand Run

15 - Mud Brook

16 - Little Cuyahoga

17 - Middle Cuyahoga

18 - Fish Creek

19 - Plum Creek

20 - Breakneck Creek

21 - Upper Cuyahoga

22 - Black Brook

23 - Bridge Brook

24 - West Branch

25 - East Branch

26 - Tare Creek

Lake Erie Tributaries:

LE1 - Euclid Creek

LE2 - Dugway Brook, Nine Mile and Green Creek

LE3 - Doan Brook

LE4 - Lake Erie East

LE5 - Lake Erie West





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