Cuyahoga River Restoration

(Cuyahoga River Community Planning)

Restoring, revitalizing and protecting the Cuyahoga River watershed

Watershed Planning

In addition to developing the restoration plan for the Area of Concern that includes the lower 46.5 miles of the river, its watershed, and nearby lake tributaries (the Remedial Action Plan,) throughout our history we've developed, and assisted in the development of, watershed action plans for tributaries.


Balanced Growth Planning

Ohio's Balanced Growth Program is a voluntary, incentive-based land-use strategy to protect and restore watersheds in ways that balance long-term economic competitiveness, ecological health, and quality of life. The goal of the program is to link land-use planning to the health of watersheds and major water bodies.

Technical Assistance and Training

We developed the first state-approved Balanced Growth Plan for Chippewa Creek, and have since done the same for Big Creek, Furnace Run, and Brandywine Creek.

A large part of our work has involved providing technical support to stewardship groups and communities.

Building Better Watersheds focuses on raising community leaders' understanding of their watersheds and their function, presenting maps and analyses of watershed features, and offering assistance in developing land use and restoration plans and code improvements that can lead to better care and maintenance.


Cuyahoga River Restoration

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